Base Products that I use (March 2017)

So I finally got around to taking photos for this post, editing them and uploading. I did set up a resolution to post at least once a week. But I really have a lot of stuff going on right now, I can’t even keep up with my Korean blog right now.

Anyways, on this post I wanted to share some of the products I actually use on my darker than No. 23 skin. As some of you may know, the darkest color the Korean beauty industry will ever make is No. 23. And the color and brightness of No. 23 varies on the line, the brand and the company that makes it. So as a result, the No. 23 may not even be that much darker than the brighter colors in the line.

As a girl with skin darker than No. 23 and don’t want to look ‘bright’ as the Korean beauty standard but use base products to have more natural and healthier looking skin, I have gone through many road shop base makeup products and have settled for a few products. I wanted to share them with those who are doing the same to help find the K-beauty base product that they can settle for. (Before I start my pantone color is 1R07, just so you can reference it… If you can!)



The products below are the products that I am using right now. I have taken out my color correcting products from the post, just so people can see the darkness of my products better on my skin. I used to normally use a concealer and BB cream(or foundation) before I step out and use a cushion to fix up my makeup outside. But ever since I found a contouring stick I like, I have started to do a little bit of contouring as well. The products I mainly use do change through out the year though, since Korea has very distinct weather for each season. And I am also up for a more natural looking product, so the products may change. If so, I will post again.

So let’s dive into the products!



My concealer is the “Concealer Dual Veil” from The Face Shop in the color N203 Natural Beige. I use concealer to cover my dark circles, and I prefer using a stick concealer to do so. So for this product I only use the stick part although the product has a liquid concealer on the other end. I have used the liquid part to cover the blemishes from my acne, but it just made it worse. So I gave up on it and stopped using the liquid concealer overall.


But I used it this time on my dark circles to show the color and how dark the concealer is. The left part on the picture above is the liquid concealer and the 4right is the stick. The picture below is how both turn up when I spread it out with a beauty blender.

The stick concealer as I feel is the one of the darkest concealer colors that I can find in Korea. Most concealer products in Korea also lack in shades as well. Most product lines only have two tones No. 1 and No. 2. There have been darker concealer colors recently, but they have been made to be used for contouring.

I actually just started using this product last summer. I used to use Innisfree’s “Mineral Stick Concealer” in No. 3, but they got rid of that so I tried out a few products. At first, I tried using The Saem’s “Cover Perfection Tip Concealer” in contour beige. (Yes, I was so desperate I used a ‘contour’ color as a concealer). But my skin felt very irritated. So I started using this one, which was just perfect. The substances used in the product are very subtle so it doesn’t irritate my skin. It also is a very natural No. 24 color, which is exactly what I am looking for. 

I use concealer to cover my dark circles before I do my whole face, so I look for a product that just blends normally with my skin while covering my dark circles just a bit. I don’t look to covering my dark circles perfectly, I just want to look a bit less tired than when I don’t wear makeup and this product just does that perfectly.



So after I cover my dark circle, I do my whole face. Right now, I use “Precious Mineral BB Cream Cotton Fit” from Etude House in No. 24 Honey Beige. Unfortunately for me, Etude House stopped making the line and changed it. So I will be looking for a new product to use soon. But I really love this product to much, I am willing to use it do the last drop.


The product is a bit yellow for my skin but in the raw eye it seems a bit darker than my cheeks. However when I blend it out, it evens out the different tones of my face together. My cheeks are at least a tone brighter than the rest of my face. So the BB cream evens out my skin tone and brightens my skin a little, which I really like. It also looks similar to my neck than any other products that I have used, although it is still a bit bright. But that can easily be overcome by the power of contouring.

Another reason why I love this product is because of the texture. I don’t know exactly what skin type I am. But my face does seem to get oily through out the day, so I do prefer a base that is less oily or creamy. Because my skin feels very heavy if I use an oily one. But since the texture of this BB cream is a ‘cotton fit’, it feels very light and not as oily. I also use different texture sponges through out the year depending on the weather. If the weather is dry, I use a wet beauty blender. So the sponge doesn’t soak as much oil when I apply the BB cream on my face. On the other hand, if the weather is humid, I use a sponge, which soaks up the oil in the BB cream and leaves a more matte finish.

But it is so sad to see this product gone off the shelves, so off I go again to find a base product that fits me.


8Another product I use as a base is the “Oil Control Water Cushion” from The Face Shop in the color V203 Natural Beige. I am currently using a refill in a case from another The Face Shop product. I use cushions mostly to fix my base makeup outside. I also sometimes use it, if I need to put make up on but I can’t bring my BB cream with me.


The color is again pretty yellow, but the color acts like a brighter I guess. But unlike my BB cream it is definitely is brighter than my skin tone. But the thing about cushions is that they are all pretty bright, at most times they are way brighter than this one. So I feel that this product does fit me the best out of all the cushion products that I have tried. Other products tend to make me gray or a clown.

I also like the texture of the product as well. But it does tend to be a bit thick on my skin when I apply it with a cushion sponge, so in the more humid days I use a thin regular sponge which holds in the oil more than the cushion sponge and is a bit more cheaper. It also applies the cushion much lighter than when I use a cushion sponge as well. This cushion is also one of the less oilierproduct on the market that I have tried out. So I think I will stick to it unless there is another cushion that I tend to like.


11 The last product I have on my list is the stick I use for contouring, although I am not good at it. I use the “Play 101 Stick” No. 18 Deep Brown Shading from Etude House. I actually didn’t contour until I started to use this. I did a long time ago with a powder pressed product, but I couldn’t feel a big difference since I felt that the colors were very subtle and they didn’t really show. So I just gave up. I was also found it a hassle as well.

Then Etude House launched this product after their Play 101 Stick line was a success and I got is at a good price with a coupon. I really liked how the stick was very convenient to use.


All I need to do is to apply the product in the area that I want and then blend it out with the blender or sponge that I am using. The color is also pretty dark, but isn’t too visible when I blend it out. It also isn’t very red as most dark contour products in Korea tend to be. But it is a tiny bit gray. But not too much. It is also very easy to blend out with the BB cream that I use. So I am really liking this product and look forward to buying another one.

I haven’t seen a contour product yet that is darker than this product. But I am keeping my eye out for one.


So there are the base products that I use for now. I plan to write another post like this if the products I use change in some ways. I hope this post might help people who are looking for products that suit skin tones darker than the Korean No. 23.


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