About Me

안녕하세요! I am Ms. Lee and I am Korean. I live in Korea and I started this blog because a friend recommended me to. It is my first time keeping a blog in English.

Although I have many interests that I can post about, I will mainly be focusing on posting about Korean Beauty and Cosmetics products, because that is what I mostly post about on my Korean blog and what my friend really wanted me to post about. So I will try and do that… Hopefully I don’t get too lazy.

The main reason why my friend wanted me to start something in English is because I think for two reasons: One, being a Korean girl in Korea that has been  interested in cosmetics, I know stuff and I can explain it in English. Two, I don’t have really pale skin like the average Korean girl, and it is really hard for me to find base makeup, No. 23 is bright for me. So I can share information on which base makeup I use for those “Darker than No. 23” girls interested in K-Beauty out there.

So, that is all About Me for right now! If you have anything to ask me or what to know about me give me a email at rrhfxhd93@naver.com and I will reply and maybe put edit it here. I also have a twitter and snapchat account so you can ask questions to me their just follow @koreanmslee and ask away!


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