The Face Shop Hoodie Ryan Collection Eye Shadow Palette Review

안녕하세요 everybody. Today I have another review for this week’s post. Today I will be reviewing The Face Shop’s collaboration product with Kakao Friends. As many of you already know, Kakao Friends are characters from the most used messenger app in Korea, KakaoTalk. The Face Shop collaboration with them last year and this year they did it again! This time with Baby Kakao Friends and Hoodie Ryan. Being a big Ryan fan, due to Ryan resembling my boyfriend a lot, I had to get the products. In the collection there are a variety of things; from cushions to nail stickers. Going to the stores and looking at the real products, I decided to get the cushion(of course), one of the lip products and one of the palette.

Now normally, I don’t really buy eye shadow palettes. The main reason being I don’t want all of the colors or I have a color that is exactly the same as one of the colors in the palette, so I don’t really buy palettes. But ever since I have been going around places, I finally found the need to buy a palette. I just reached the limit of carrying just 2~3 single shadows with me and getting sick of the same look all the time. So I decided to get a palette.

So this is the palette that I got. There are two palettes in the collection. I got No. 1 Playing with Sand_Hoodie Ryan(모래놀이_후드라이언). The other palette that I didn’t get, No. 2 is called Playing with Autumn Leaves_Hoodie Ryan(단풍놀이_후드라이언) The packaging of the Kakao Friends Collaborations are so cute. They are all that bright sky blue , which is the same color as Ryan’s hoodie. There is the signature The Face Shop x Kakao Friends pop up character on the package!

I got this palette for 18000 won. I got a 10% discount from the Face Shop app. It is originally 20000 won. The price, in my opinion, isn’t bad considering it has 8 colors in it. Plus, it is really really cute.

This is the packaging that actually got me to buy an 8 colored shadow palette. It just struck my heart so bad, I told myself “This is the palette you have been waiting for, so go get it.” So after watching a few swatch videos on YouTube and swatching it myself on my skin at a store, I decided to get the Playing with Sand_Hoodie Ryan palette.

Both palettes have the same design, that 3D popping Ryan FACE! so you cannot tell the eye palettes apart from just looking at them, but there is a label on the bottom with the name of the palette. So that is a way you can tell them apart.

Inside the Ryan palette are 8 matte shades of eye shadows. The Playing with Sand palette is filled with all matte shadows, while the Playing with Autumn Leaves palette has 8 shimmer and matte shadows. The shadows in both palettes are great for Autumn Eye looks.

But for me, I was actually looking for a palette that I can use all year and convenient for me to carry around in my makeup pouch. So the texture and colors really mattered. The texture I would have preferred was a shimmer one, because with shimmers I can just use my fingers to apply it and not carry around a brush. But when I swatched Playing with Autumn Leaves, I just didn’t really like the colors. They were more cool toned and were colors that wouldn’t frequently use, so  I decided to deal with the hassle of carrying around a brush. Luckily for me, Tony Moly had this crazy 4000 won brush set promotion and I was able to get my hands on a set, so I had that the hassle taken care of.

I also like how the colors are organized in the palette. The problem I had with other palettes was that I didn’t like how the colors were organized. There would be one really white shade then a really dark shade, a glitter color and some kind of color I definitely wouldn’t use with the dark shade. But here there are colors that I would definitely use together. The white shade, I am not a big fan of, but I can still use it instead of my no sebum powder to prime my eyes once more. The darkest shade, I am also not a fan of as well, but I can use that on my brows, so no biggie there as well.

So here are the swatches of the colors from left to right. I didn’t put any primers on my hand and I used a brush to apply the colors. I applied them 2~3 times. They aren’t that pigmented, but I’m not trying to do a glam eye look with these colors. I am just trying to use them to create daily looks when I am not at home.

Also I believe that the most important thing with matte shadows is the patchiness. As long as the eye shadows aren’t patchy as I build them up with my brush, I am satisfied. And luckily I didn’t really feel that the shadows were patchy. At first they were but I as I built on layer by layer, the patchiness disappeared. I think if the surface is nice and matte, the patchiness problem can be solved. Applying translucent powder on your eye primer to set it definitely helps out, so I recommend doing that when you are using this palette.

I tried creating 3 different looks with the palette. There are a few more looks you can try out with this palette, but I just did the basic eye looks you can do with this palette.

For the first eye look I used colors 2 and 3. I also used color 1 to prime my eyes. Another thing I realized while I used that shade was it actually helps out the pigments to pop out a bit more. That really made me more satisfied with the palette. Color 2 was a warm beige brown color that really worked nicely with color 3, which is a nice toasty brown color.

I won’t write down how I made this look, but if you are curious please tell me in the comments below, so I can post a tutorial on it!

With this eye look, I used colors 4 and 5 and again used color 1 to prime my eyes. Colors 4 and 5 are pink based shades. While I was using these colors, I noticed that the colors  of the palette are definitely more warm toned. The pink based shadows suited my warm tone face very well.

For the last eye look, I used colors 6 and 7. Color 6 is a greyish brown color and color 7 is a dark chocolate color. I absoultely loved these two colors. It gave me a very drastic look effortlessly. I especially love the dark chocolate color, which can be used with any color in the palette, which I absoluty love!

I also did my brows with color 8. I used a small brow brush and it has been by far the best brow that I have ever created. The color is a very dark brown, which looks natural. It is a bit brown for my black hair, but it isn’t too bright so it looks pretty natural.
From color 1 to color 8.


I am overall satisfied with the palette. It has great colors I can use for daily looks and with extra shdows I can turn it to a glam look. For the price though… if it wasn’t for Ryan, I don’t think I would have brought it. I feel the pans are a bit small and I will hit the bottoms pretty soon at the rate I am using it. If you are someone who only uses one shadow palette every day, this may not last you long, plus the price is approximately $20.



So this is the end of my review. I hope you enjoyed this review. If you have any questions about this product, feel free to leave them in the comments below or tweet me @koreanmslee. I will try to reply as fast as possible. I also have instagram where upload daily eye looks and K beauty related stuff, so check me out @koreanmslee. 그럼 다음에 또 봐요!
P.S. I just tried a couple of colors on with my fingers and they glide on like a dream, even if they were all matte shadows. So I don’t think brushes are a must for this palette!


The Face Shop Anti Darkening Cushion N203 Natural Beige (Marvel Collaboration)

안녕하세요 everyone. I am back with another makeup product review, in hope that the information can help people that can’t test out the products to buy it. Just before I begin my skin’s pantone number is 1R07 and a foundation I am using is Etude House’s Double Lasting Foundation in the shade ‘Amber’. You can check out the review of that product here.

The product I will be reviewing today is from The Face Shop. It is one of their newest cushion products; the anti darkening cushion. It has been a while since I purchased this product, however it hasn’t been long sinced I started using the product. I actually bought this product, just for the sake of the case. I collect cushion cases and being a Captain America fan, I had to get it. I also needed a back up cushion, just in case something happened to the one I was using.

There were a whole collection with this collaboration; lipsticks, shadows, palettes, hair spray, sun stuff, the whole deal! But I only got a few products. When there is a collaboration and a collection comes out, I don’t buy the whole collection. I just buy the things I need or in this case collect. Sometimes I do buy things I don’t really need because they give out cool goodies, but I also make sure the products I buy then will be products that I will eventually use. From this collaboration I bought this cushion, a lipstick and a sun product.

So here is the very case I fell in love with. I wasn’t really pleased with the cushion product when I first tried it once it came out. But I just had to buy it because of the case. I was really wishing for some brand to come out with a Captain America shield case just like this one. And The Face Shop made one for me and I had to get it no matter what product was inside.

I just seriously regret not buying two, because I could definately use one to carry around. But yet I really didn’t like the products that came with the cases.  So I am just hoping for another collaboration from somewhere real soon, or I will have to buy a product that I don’t like and causes breakouts. So… not really wanting to do that.

So the cushion comes with a air puff with a Marvel logo on it. Nothing special really.

But what I noticed after I purchased this cushion and looked to buy another one is that the cushion cases for the Eco baby sun cushion and the multi sun cushion for men has different colors on the bottom, but has the same shield design on top. The eco baby sun cushion has a white bottomand the multi sun cushion for men has a black bottom.

Once you open it there is a sponge that is drenched in foundation. The Face Shop isn’t hyping up their cushions just yet, so it is the average cushion sponge that we know about. There are 4 shades of the new cushion; V201, N201, V203 and N203. I knew what the V and the N stood for, but I can’t remember it. The names of the 201 and 203 products are the same. 201 is Apricot Beige and 203 is Natural Beige, but the V and N sets the tones apart. V has more of a pink, cool tone color and N has more of a yellow, warm tone color. As the Face Shop describes it you can chose V for a brighter finish and N for a more natural finish.

I am a big fan of the natural look so I bought the darkest, natural tone, which is N203. But the color of just the product in the cushion, it is much lighter than the Face Shop’s Oil Control Water Cushion which is my go to cushion for Spring and Autumn. So I wasn’t completely in love with the color when I first bought it in May and was very tan from working in the sun. So I kind of kept it to use in September, which I did.

The texture of the cushion is surprisingly matte. When I saw it first in the sponge, I thought it would be a bit moist. I actually believed it was a moist cushion when I first applied it to my skin,it was very moist and cooling. But a few seconds later, it had a semi matte finish, which I absolutely love in a cushion because of my oily skin. I think the whole anti darkening thing kind of influenced the product to hold off sebum, so maybe that is why it has a semi matte finish.

But like all cushion products, it doesn’t really seep into my skin the way foundation does. So it remains on my skin like a layer and transfers really easily. But I guess the same goes for all cushion products… so no biggie!

So this is how the cushion turns up on my face. As you can see the cushion does not match my neck at all. I would never ever wear this by itself on my face. Luckily for me I only use cushions around the areas that tend to come off during the day, like my nose area. I actually didn’t really like the product at all when I first tested it out. But as I said before, I bought this for the case, I never anticipated that I would not like the product when I bought it.

One of the biggest reasons why I don’t like it is because of the color. It is meant for No. 23 tones, that is why it is numbered 203. However, the tone is way lighter I feel like it is just a tad bit darker than my highlighter foundation, which is a No. 21. And looking at it now with the whole product on my face, I can clearly see that it has a grey undertone to it, which I absolutely hate. My skin already has a very brown undertone and when it mixes with grey, it makes me look very ill. I just seriously feel that the Anti Darkening effect of this product comes from it being so damn bright the first time you use it, darkening as it oxidizes and matching your skin tone after that, which doesn’t even happen for me.

Another reason why I don’t like it is, as I said before, it remains on my skin like a layer. Sure, most cushions are like that, but this one is by far the worst. If I touch it or answer my phone, it comes right off my face and gets on my hands or my phone. And the here’s the best part, by best I mean worst, I can see my bare skin. It just comes right off no questions asked.

And another thumbs down for this product from me is that it contains denaturated alcohol. The substance dehydrates your skin and make your acne worse. I have had serious acne problems when I used products with this in it. I try to avoid it, but The Face Shop continuously puts it in their cushion products with few exceptions. But since I have to use it this time, I just apply the product only on my acne free zones.

I seriously do not plan on buying this product again. I seriously can’t wait to be done with it and get back to my favorite Oil Control Water Cushion. It just doesn’t fit my skin tone, color and type. I would recommend this to a person that has a average No. 23 skin tone that likes to wear their base a tone brighter and has healthy, oily skin.


That is the end of my review for The Face Shop’s Anti Darkening Cushion in the color N203. I hope this helped you out in some way. If you have any questions about this product, feel free to leave them in the comments below or tweet me or @koreanmslee. I will try to reply as fast as possible. I also have Snapchat where I snap short K-beauty related stuff. 그럼 다음에 또 봐요!


P.S. I just worked out to get rid of that ‘layery’ feeling I was complaining about. Just dab a bit of powder on it! You might have to carry around a powder with you, if you carry the cushion around. But I already carry one anyways(If you can find Innisfree’s No Sebum Powder, it works great for the cushion and your pouch as well)

2017 October Innisfree, The Face Shop, Etude House K-Beauty Haul

안녕하세요. I have a new kind of post today! I am not sure if I will continue to do this, but the folks on my Korean blog love it. So I thought I would try sharing what I bought for the month here as well.

I wouldn’t say I am a make-up collector, but I still shop per month to restock on items, try new skin care items and occasionally spend to maintain my VVIP status. So roughly I spend 100,000 won (roughly $100) per month and I do thank god that I live in a country with a cheap, high quality makeup market because I would have been broke if I was somewhere else.

So enough chit chat and let’s get straight into what I bought this month, October.

My first haul is from Innisfree. Innisfree is one of my favorite K-beauty brands. They have exceptionally good skin care products suited for many skin types. They also pursue a Jeji Island, eco-friendly image as well, so many of their items include ingredients from Jeju.

From Innisfree, I mainly get Skin Care products.Many of my skin care holy grails are from Innisfree. They tend to use minimum substances as possible and I have never been disappointed about their products.

This month I didn’t buy a lot, I just bought the minimum products I need to keep my VVIP status. I also went to an Innsifree store to buy my stuff because I needed to hand in empty Innisfree product bottles for points. (I usally buy my stuff online because I can’t stand the lines…)

I bought a Biza Cica Cream. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE this product. If I don’t use this for just one day, my skin breaks out. It also isn’t too oily so I can use it all year even in the humid season. I just started to run low on it so I bought one to stock up on it before I run out.

I also bought a sample of the Green Tea Balancing Cream. It is my current day time moisturizing cream. I just needed a sample of the product because I was going on a trip and I needed something smaller for my bag. It is a fairly good product if you are combination skin, I did feel the moisture evening out on my skin once I used this product. But I am not sure if I will buy this again, not until my acne fades away anyway…

Last of all, I bought a powder puff, a powder applicator, which I am unsure of its name. Another thing I frequently use from Innisfree is their No Sebum Powder. It is exactly like loose translucent powder, so I use it to bake/fix my foundation. Because I use it over my foundation, the puff gets pretty dirty after a while. I don’t wash out the puff because it doesn’t feel 100% clean. So I just buy 1 or 2 a month to replace the dirty one.

My second and third haul is from The Face Shop and Etude House. As I mentioned, I prefer to order my products online and I am not usually at my house to collect my packages. So I get them once or twice in one go.

The Face Shop is a brand I like to shop at, but I get disappointed with their products sometimes. But the products I am happy with, I come back to buy them again. So I keep my VIP status. I usually buy makeup products from The Face Shop, especially lip products. Their skin products are okay, just not with my skin. I also love some of the cushion foundations as well, although some of those don’t fit my skin either and cause break outs.

I LOVE ETUDE HOUSE. I swear by this brand sooooo much. I use so many of their products, from eye shadows to skin care. I don’t tend to use their lip products, but I am always curious about their new lip products and test them out. If there is a new release of single eye shadows, I immediately go to a store test them out and buy the ones I like. I can’t live without their mascara fixer. And some of Etude’s skin care products are giving Innisfree’s a run for their money. So as you can guess I buy A LOT from Etude House and I naturally keep my VVIP status there.

This month from The Face Shop I bought some Kakao Friends Collaboration products. Kakao Friends are characters from the most populat messenger application. I am in love with those characters, especially Neo the cat and Ryan the lion. This collaboration is the Hoodie Ryan collection, so of course I had to get my hands on some of the products. I didn’t get the items straight away because I felt they would be giving out free stuff related to Kakao Friends and I was right. They gave out some hair rolls and some clips, which I definately need to hold up my fringe while I put on my make up. I also plan to buy the cushion foundation which also comes with free goods pretty soon.

In order to get the goods, I needed to pruchase over 20,000 won of the collection. But I also needed to purchase over 25,000 won to maintain my VIP status. So I bought a palette and a liquid lipstick.

Now, I don’t usually buy shadow palettes, but recently I have felt the need to buy one. I have been away from home over 2~3 days, so I end up doing the same eye makeup over and over again when I just pack a few shadows. So I just decided to buy an eyeshadoe palette and this product was released just on time. I haven’t used it yet, but I really like all the colours inside and I especially love the packaging.  If  can get around to it, I may do a review…

In contrast of shadows, I buy a lot of lip products from The Face Shop and I needed a new lip color this fall. The Face Shop has long lasting tints and a wide range of textures and colours in lip products, but I always buy the collaboration products and use them all around the year. This time I bought the one color liked most after testing the products out at a store. Sentimental Ryan is a really orangy brown red lip color which is perfect for Autumn.

From Etude House, I bought a lot of skin care products. I usually buy my daily mask sheet packs from Etude House, so I get them every month. This month I just bought some products that I needed.

The first thing is the essence. After Etude got rid of my favorite essence and found out my favorite essence had been causing break outs, I am still searching for the right essence. I just bought this one to try out and see if I can just settle into using it. I haven’t opened it yet becaue there still i a bit of my old essence left. I actually didn’t really plan on buying this, but it was on 50% sale so I just got it cheaper while I could.

The other thing is cleansing foam. This is actually not for me, this is for my bf. He has blackheads and whiteheads, and he doesn’t care for them at all. So one of the things I get for his is an exfoliating cleansing foam. It really helps because his blackheads take longer to come back when he uses this cleansing foam. I used to use this product as well, but I am trying using non-exfoliating cleansing foams. So I just bought this for hum just in case he runs out of the one he is using.

Last of all are the mask sheet packs. I get mask sheet packs from Etude House every month. They don’t have any substances in them and they are frequently on sale so I get 10~20 a month depending on how much I used them. Two months ago, I used their water essence packs, which I didn’t really like. The essence was so runny, it went all over the place. So I started to use denser packs and my skin really loved it, especially when the weather is getting drier. I got 17 packs this time because I was running short on packs for a few months, so to get me back on track I got a few more.


So that is all I have for this post. I hope you liked my first haul post. If you did please like this post, so I can post about what I will buy next month. If you have any questions about any of the products I bought or Korean brands, feel free to leave them in the comments below or tweet me @koreanmslee. I will try to reply as fast as possible. 그럼 다음에 또 봐요!

New Etude House F/W Single Shadow Collection “Wonderful Sweets” Launch Swatches

I didn’t plan to post this week and stick to my one post per week policy, so I don’t feel exhausted from both my Korean and this blog. But I just came from swatching the new eye shadow line from Etude House and as I was swatching the thought of posting the swatch of these new babies just came to me.


So this is the feed I got this morning, sorry it is in Korean. Etude House always sends out their promotion feeds on Thursday mornings through KakaoTalk, which is the most popular and used messenger app in Korea, and I was just browsing through until I saw this. It is an alert of a new collection of Fall/Winter single eye shadows, the “Wonderful Sweets”.

The Wonderful Sweets collection is named after the sweet, winter snacks we have in Korea, for example, number RD309 불 타는 고구마 means Burning in Fire Sweet Potato and it refers to the baked Sweet Potato we can find on the streets. BR433 화상주의 꿀호떡 means Caution Hot Honey Pancakes, which refers to a Korean pancake with honey in the middle. All the colors are also related to those snacks as well.

Now, it has been a long time since Etude House launched a new single eye shadow collection and I’m not sure if I told you guys on the internet this, but I love single eye shadows. I collect them and I have like 100 shadows now and most of them are from Etude House. So when I saw this feed I was so excited and I knew I had to go to an Etude House store ASAP and I did. Luckily there was an Etude Store in the shopping mall I was going to, so as soon as I arrived I went to over there swatched all of the colors. Then I sat down at a cafe and now I am writing this post.


Now I only tested out 8 of the 10 colors launched because clearly I wasn’t thinking. I was just swatching the colors that came to me, like OR207 and RD309, and the looking at the colors I just thought why don’t I swatch as much as I can then post it on my blog. So here I am.


Now I love Etude House because they are the few brands that launch a new line at least once a season, in palette or single form. So I buy at least one shadow from each line but sometimes the shadows they launch lack in pigment. However, this time I was very surprised.

As soon as I swatched OR207 first, my heart dropped. I just fell in love with the color at that very moment and the pigment considering I swatched a matte shadow with my bare finger, ABSOLUTELY AMAZING. I just knew I had to buy it.

Then I swatched RD309, I’m not really interested in red or burgundy colors in eye shadows, so I’m not really interested in buying the shadow. But I still have to give it to Etude for the color and the pigment. It is such a beautiful Autumn color.

I swatched another color then went on to BR419, which is another color I fell for. It is a  gold brown color that I would wear with my favorite yellow hoodie. I loved the color, I love how pigmented it is and how sparkly it is as well. However, unfortunately I just feel I already have this color and I have a tone of Autumn eyeshadows that I have to use so I would just probably pass on it.


The rest of the colors are either colors I already have someway or colors, or colors I know won’t match my skin, or colors that I would hardly use. But I swatched them for you guys.

PK013 is definitely a color I would pass on. It is a cool tone pink color with a silvery shimmer to it. If I put it on, I would look very tired and sick. But I think it would be a great color in the winter for anyone who can pull it off.

OR207 and BE110 are glitter shadows that are highlighting colors that I would use for my Aegyosal or the front of my eyes. But I already have a product for my Aegyosal and I hardly highlight the front of eyes. OR207 has a hint of orange and BE110 is a cool toned gold color. So if you are a warm tone, you should look into OR207; if you are a cool tone, look into BE110.

BR418 and BR433 are dark brown shadows that are used as point shadows or to smoke out your eyeliner or sometimes as eyeliner. BR418 has a glitter shimmer to it, while BR433 has just a shimmer to it. They also differ in tones. BR418 is more of a cool tone brown and BR433 is more of a warm tone brown.


So that is the swatch review of 8/10 new single shadows from Etude House. Out of all the colors that I have swatched, I just plan to buy 1 color; OR207. It just took my breath away and I don’t have any other color like it, so I will buy it at the next Etude House sale or something.

That is the end of my surprise post on Etude House’s new shadow collection. I hoped you liked it. If you want to see more posts like this where I just go to the store swatch stuff and upload it, please click like to this post so I know you want to see more. Since I haven’t bought anything I don’t think I can answer a lot of questions about the products, but feel free to ask me anything about Etude or K-beauty. You can leave a comment, or ask me on twitter @koreanmslee. I will try to reply as fast as possible. 그럼 다음에 또 봐요!

Etude House Double Lasting Foundation Amber(Before Renewal) Review

안녕하세요 everyone. This time I am back with my very first review. I wasn’t really going to reviews on this blog. However, I recently experienced some difficulties with finding out whether a foundation overseas, that I can’t test out, will fit my skin color, and I kind of realized a lot of people overseas may go through the same thing with buying Korean base makeup products, so I decided to start reviewing at least some base make up products.

A thing that may help you with matching the foundation’s color with your skin tone is knowing the reviewer’s skin tone. The only information I can give you know is that my pantone number is 1R07. I haven’t tried any foundation or BB creams from overseas brands, but I do plan to, so hopefully I can provide you with more information about my skin tone in the future.

The product I am reviewing is Etude House’s Double Lasting Foundation in the tone Amber.

My product was bought before the renewal but I don’t think it effected the one color of the tone of the product. I this Etude just renewed the line to include more shades. Etude House says that ‘Amber’ is for No. 24 skin and it is the darkest of any other base that they have.

Well, it has been a while back when I first bought this product, I bought it in May this year. It was on a special price and I had forgotten to bring my BB cream on a very special day, so I just went into the store and got one. But I didn’t really start using the foundation until July, when I finally got sick of the BB cream I was using and my skin was getting way to dark for it. So to avoid looking like a clown, I started to use the product.

Inside the packaging is a bottle of foundation like this. If you open the lid, there is a pump inside. There is 1.05oz / 30g of product in one bottle and is SPF 34 PA++. The material of the bottle is glass and is fairly heavy to carry around. Also, the pump tends to get weaker as you get closer to the bottom of the bottle, so I preferred using the foudnation in a vacuum(?) pump bottle that I got from Daiso.

Since I haven’t used much foundation, I don’t know how it is with other products. But I am just so surprised on how fast I ran out of the product. When I was using BB cream it at least lasted me through out the year. But this product lasted me only a bit over 3 months.

The product is a liquid foundation and it is very runny. If you pump it on your hand and move your hand around, the foundation will run all over your hand. So when I was applying this product on, I really had to make sure I didn’t do anything else and apply the foundation straight away. Because it is very runny, it also tends to try down very quickly.

Back in May when I took the photo, I was really tanned by working out in a soccer field so my hand is way darker than usual. If I pump it on my hand now, it is a bit more beige than my skin.

On my face, it is by far the closest match I have had. The shade really matches with my neck, which is what I have always been looking for. But the foundation does have a red undertone that tends to show once it gets on my skin and my neck is more yellow, so I can still faintly see the foundation is on my skin. But I don’t really mind it.

But what I am bummed out about is, although I have found a match, I can only use it in the summer time. As the season changed from Summer to Autumn, I feel that the foundation is a bit dark. So maybe I am a regular no. 23 folk who tans more easily and needs a darker shade in the summer. But the good thing is, it only last me 3 months so if I get around to buying it again next year, I can just use it for the summer. And another good thing is I have found a product that I like in the Korean market that is a bit darker and more natural for my skin, at least for summer anyways.

Coverage-wise, I am not really satisfied about the coverage of the foundation. If I use this product alone, I can definately see a lot of my acne scars still showing up on my face. So I have to use concealer to back up the coverage that I need for my face. But the thing is I can just bare the extra step because I just love how much it matches my skin.

When I blend out the foundation and it dries, it dries down to semi matte to matte. Since it is a ‘double lasting’ foundation, that is why I think this is the perfect summer time foundation for oily or combination skin types. It eventually does get oily but not until very later in the day when used with translucent powder. Even if I sweat the foundation still seemed to be there. After using this foundation, I have used less oil control film and cushion foundation. Believe it or not, the name “Double lasting” is actually true, it did last longer than any other base makeup product that I have used.

Although it is a great product for Summer, I don’t think it is great for any other dry seasons here in Korea. Ever since it started to less humid, more dry and colder, my skin really started to feel a pull and I just dreaded about having to think about how dry my skin will feel in the winter if I kept using this product. So I just started looking for a less matte product that I can use, in addition to the dark vibes I have been getting from the foundation.

Generally, I am really satisfied about this foundation. I just can’t believe that a foundation like this has finally come out from the light and moist Korean make up market. I just wish it was an item that I can use all around the year. But I guess I just have to be satified with it for covering at least 25% of the year.

So, that is the end of my first ever product review. I just really hope it can help people decide whether the product is right for them or not. I will try to post more reviews on base makeup products for those who need information from the internet because they can’t test it out. If you have any questions about this product, feel free to leave them in the comments below or tweet me @koreanmslee. I will try to reply as fast as possible. 그럼 다음에 또 봐요!

My Korean 10 Step Skin Care Routine

안녕하세요 everyone. I am back. So after writing my tips on the Korean 10 step skin care routine, I just decided to write about my own and provide more information on the routine to everyone out there maybe it will help you build your own routine as I did.

So let’s get straight into the post. My 10 step skin care routine consists of 3 cleansing steps and 7 skin care steps, a total of 10 steps. Originally, before I had the crazy breakouts, I had 5~6 steps: eye makeup remover, cleansing foam, skin toner, essence, eye cream and moisturizer. However as I started to get older, my skin changed and I started to break out. So in order to prevent and tend to the breakouts, I added more products to my routine and hence became what it is now.

Before I start the post I need to tell you that I do this routine at night and I have a simpler routine in the morning, using pretty much the same products so I am excluding my morning routine. Also, I only use Korean products for now because it is easier to find information on the product through an app(I will maybe post about the app later on), and my skin really react to some substances. I want to use products from overseas, but it is really hard to interpret the substances by myself. So that is why the products I use are only Korean. If you guys know any English applications that do the same, please met me know in the comments below so I can add some variety!

Now I will show you the products that I use, what I use them for, the order I used them in and so on. So, let’s just get straight into my 10 step Korean Skin Care Routine!


These are the cleansing products I use depending whether or not I wore makeup that day. If I have a full face of makeup, I use all three. If I don’t and only wear my base makeup or sun cream, I only use one or two products. Here are the name of the products and the order I use them in.


1. Lip Make Up Removal: Innisfree, Apple Seed Lip & Eye Remover

This I use only when I wear my full face of make up and need to remove my eye makeup. If I don’t remove the makeup, the fallout makes its way into my eyes and I hate that feeling of my eyes being irritated all night because of the fallout. So I clean it out with extra care with a lip and eye remover before I clean the rest of my face. I get a cotton pad, put the product on it and cleanse mascara, eye liner and eye shadow. If I can’t take my lip and eye remover with me while I travel, I just use a make up wipe instead.

I used to use A’pieu’s Lip and Eye Remover, but as I started to use the app I was talking about, I realized there were a lot of chemical substances that I didn’t want going into my eyes. So I looked for a much friendlier product and ended up with this one. The price did buff up from 2500 won to 6000 won, but my eyes are more important than money. The product does sting your eyes at first but your eyes get used to it. It also smells really good. So if you are looking for a lip and eye remover here, I recommend this one.


2. Cleansing Oil: The Face Shop, Real Seed Cleansing Oil Soap-berries

The next step is cleansing oil, I use it when I have my base makeup, foundation or BB cream on my face. I sometimes use it if I put on another layer of sun cream when I am out. I also use it right after I remove my eye makeup. I just pump the oil on my hand then rub it evenly out on my hand. Then I massage the oil on my face and melt down the makeup on my skin, without putting on any water to my face. Then I wash off the remainder with running water and then massage my face again with the residue of water on my hands. Then I wash it off completely.

Cleansing oil is something I added into my routine pretty recently. Before I added cleansing oil to my routing I only used cleansing foam, but I started feeling a really strong pull in my skin right after I washed my face. I then tried a sample of cleansing oil and the pulling stopped, so I just added cleansing oil to my routine. I really like the product I am using now, but unfortunately it has been discontinued. So I will be on the lookout for my holy grail again.


3. Cleansing Foam: Etude House, Baking Powder B.B Deep Cleansing Foam

This is the last step in my cleansing routine, the cleansing foam. The cleansing foam I use has baking powder in it as an exfoliator so I sometimes skip it if my skin feels too irritated from something else or I have a really bad breakout. But I use this regularly, even though exfoliating everyday isn’t really good for the skin. I just squeeze the product onto my fingers with my hand opened. Then I rub in on my finger tips and create some foam. First, I cleanse the center of my face, around the rose area where there I have really huge pores and black heads. I let the exfoliator cleanse my pores and tend to my black heads. Then when the baking powder melts, I spread out the foam to the rest of my face in circular motions. Finally, I rinse the foam off with water.

The exfoliator in the product isn’t too big and melts down as you use it, so the exfoliation is very mild and I only exfoliate around the areas I have pore and black heads. I also only use the product at night, after I have a heap of gunk on my face. I just use a really light cleansing gel in the morning to wash off the sebum. The product I have been using is really helping me and my boyfriend with blackheads and pores. I used to have bad blackheads from time to time so I used the strip. But after I started to use this foam I don’t worry about blackheads anymore so I have used this cleansing foam for years. My boyfriend also uses the product. He still needs to use the strips but uses them less frequently after using the cleansing foam. Since it has helped our blackheads, I tend to use this for as long as I can.


So that was the first 3 steps to my skin care routine, the cleansing routine. Right after I wipe off the water on my face with a towel, I go straight into my skincare products.


These are my skincare products. There are a total of 6 products and I put them all on every day, except for the pack. I sometimes use different packs and sometimes skip the pack depending on how my skin feels. I also tend to change the products a little if I feel the product isn’t really helping out my skin. But I generally tend to use 10 products, so I guess I can write about my current skin care products. Like the cleansing products, they will be in the order I apply them. I did mention the tips to applying skin care products in my previous post, but I will repeat this because it is imporant: apply the products according to density, from the lightest to heaviest.


4. Toner: Etude House, True Relief Moist Mist Toner

After washing my face, I immediately spray this product on my face. 3~4 sprays cover my whole face and I repeat the spraying at least 3 more times, as a part of the 7 toner method, which I will post about later on. Basically what I do is spray the toner all over my face then pat the residue into my skin and repeat until my face feels hydrated.

I will post more in detail later when I post on the 7 toner method. But in short, the idea to that is if you have oily skin and your face feels dry from the inside, you need to pack in moisture using an oil free and alcohol free toner at the beginning of your skin care routine. So you apply your oil and alcohol free toner 7 times rather than putting on oil based products. I tried this last year and it really worked! So I am continuing to do it this year. I don’t do it all year, just in the seasons when it is really dry.


5. Acne Care: A’pieu, NonCo Tea Tree Toner

The next step is to care for the acne on my face. I do that now by soaking cotton pads with the tea tree toner and putting in on my face like a face pack for 10 minutes. This has a really effective calming effect and this is the cheapest calming method that I have tried so I do this when I have new acne popping up on my face. I just apply the pads to the areas where the acne is, not my whole face.

Although it does calm my face down immediately I don’t know if I will continue to do this as a routine. It doesn’t really seem to be helping my acne as much as I want it to. I just tried this method out to see if it can replace a product but I think I will just go back to using the product. But it still is a good calming method so I will still use it, just not everyday as I am doing now.


6. Essence/Serum: Innisfree, Jeju Lava Seawater Essence

After I am done with the toner phase, I move on to essence or serum. I use a essence or serum that is a bit dense than my toner and I only apply it once to my face.

Unfortunately for me I do not gave holy grail for essence or serum. I have just been looking for a product I can stick to for the past year or so. I just look for a product that has whitening and anti wrinkle care, with as less harmful substances as possible. Once I get settled in, I will definately post again about it. But for now the product I am using is okay. It has everything I am looking for, but it is a bit pricey and a bit oily for my taste. So I will just look for another one.


7. Eye Cream: Innisfree, Eco Science Wrinkle Spot Essence

After I apply the water based products, I move on to applying creams and the first is eye cream. I just squeeze the product on to my finger and spread it out from the inner corner of my eye. Then tap the product around my eye until it is fully absorbed.

Although the product is called an ‘essence’, but the product is a cream despite its name. It also isn’t specifically an eye cream, but I tried it out after I read on an app that some people use this product as an eye cream. Ever since, I have fallen in love with the product and have been using it ever since and will continue to use it.


8. Acne Cream: Innisfree, Bija Cica Balm

After eye cream, I apply another product that cares for my acne, well acne scars to be exact. I squeeze some of the cream on the tip of my fingers than I roll it around the areas I have acne or acne scars.

My acne has been getting worse nowadays, so I can’t feel the effect now but it definately works. I have seen my acne scars slowly fade away thanks to this product and it also helps prevent breakouts. It also helps with building up moisture in the areas I need it most. So I will definately keep using this baby until the end off my acne reign.


9. Moisturizing Cream: Innisfree, Jeju Sparkling Oil-free Gel Cream

Once all the eye cream and acne cream has been soaked up by my skin, I apply moisturizing cream to my whole face. Although I really hate applying lotion, I really love applying moisturizing cream.  I just take some out of my jar and massage it on my face.

The cream I use changes depending on the climate of the year. In the humid summer, I used a oil free gel type cream because the oil in the cream feels like too much in the summer but I still want to apply mosturizing cream because I really love the finish. In the other seasons, I just use a regular moisturizing cream.


10. Pack: Etude House, 0.2 Therapy Air Mask

Finally, for the last step is a pack. I don’t put the pack on right away after I’ve finished with the moisturizing cream. I usually put it on when I go to bed, lie down and wait to fall asleep. After 10~20 minutes, I take off the pack and go to sleep. It is a hassle to take it off and throw it out, so I don’t throw out the packaging. I take it to my bedside and if I feel drowsy I take off the pack and put it on top of the packaging. Since my skin absorbed the droopy essence, there is nearly no drippage.

The pack that you would want to use in a daily routine is an water based essence sheet pack. Packs other than that may cause breakouts due to clogging up your pores. I sometimes use other emulsion packs or sleeping packs when I feel my skin needs something extra, however I do not use it two days in a row. I would just go back to my essence based pack or skip a day of using a pack in my routine. I also sometimes skip using the moisturizing cream when I use a emulsion pack as well to prevent my skin from flooding with oils and sebum on my face when I wake up.



So that is my Korean 10 step night time skin care routine. If you have anything you’d like to ask me something about the Korean 10 step skin routine, please feel free to ask me in the comments below or tweet me @KoreanMsLee. I will try to reply as fast as possible. 그럼 다음에 또 봐요!

The Korean 10 step Skin Care Routine Tips from a Korean

안녕하세요 everyone. I am back… I have had a serious struggle with keeping my Korean blog and having a job for a month. So I have been thinking a lot about keeping this one. But hey, I thought why not give it a go. So I have decided to put at least a post here about just basically anything on Korean Beauty when I can instead of getting rid of one. Well, if I can keep both so I can upload photos more conveniently, so I might as well just keep both.

So about my post toddy… I know this post is definitely uncalled for, but after watching the brilliant Safiya Nygaard’s video on her Korean 10 step Korean skincare routine video I wanted to put my routine out in on the internet. There is a whole lot more to the 10 step routine then just the 10 steps, and I wanted to put some advice out there for those who want to try it out. Plus, it is something that I do everyday and it is about Korean Beauty, so I had to post about it.

For those who haven’t seen or can’t see the video, basically what Safiya did was buy a 10 step routine package and followed the steps on the internet.

After watching the video and seeing things things that Koreans don’t really do here in Korea in the video, I feared that a lot of people would follow instructions that might either ruin their skin or hate the routine and think it is stupid (or both).  I haven’t done a lot of research, but the posts out there just tell you about the steps and I don’t agree to some of them. So what I wanted to do is give you some tips about things you need to know based on what I know and what Safiya did in her video. BTW I am not trying to criticize or come down on Safiya in this post (I love you Safiya, big fan….).


So here are my tips:

  • You don’t necessarily need to do it with Korean products

In the video, Safiya bought a 10 step routine package and at the end of the video she recommended that you do not have to buy the package. I totally agree with her. Like she said in the video it does save a huge amount of time from researching and buying and the products also doesn’t necessarily need to be Korean ones.

The reason why it is called the 10 step ‘Korean’ routine is because most Koreans do it and a lot of Koreans have pretty good skin. But we don’t all use Korean products for the routine. A lot of people use other brands from overseas and I just use Korean products because they are easy to get. You can do the 10 step routine with whatever product you can get; it can be from Korea, it can be from the domestic market you are in, or it can be a mix. What you use is up to you.

  • It doesn’t have to be 10 steps.

Another thing that you don’t need to follow that comes from the name of the routine is the number 10. As Safiya mentions in her video, it is not really a 10 step because you use the SPF in the daytime. But seriously, where does this number ’10’ come from?

Sure, I use 8~9 products at night, sometimes I use more. But I don’t use all of the products everyday.  If my skin feels that the steps are too much, I skip a few products. I also add a step if I feel a tug in my skin and I get breakouts. The number can vary depending on your skin.

Also, you don’t suddenly need to get all those products and start 10 steps, if you feel overwhelmed of buying so many products at once. You can just start adding one product or one steps one by one. At first I just had 4 steps; cleansing foam, toner, eye cream and essence, but I started adding things to care of other things like anti-wrinkle, sebum, acne and so on. I didn’t buy everything all at once. I researched for products, tested things out then slowly started to add things on. So if you want to do the routine but you can’t get all the products, just take your time and get them one by one in the order your skin wants.

  • The order matters.

One of the things that I disagreed with the video is the order, it is not Safiya’s fault that the articles or information she read didn’t really tell her the right order of how to apply the products and the importance of keeping the order. I was just so appalled by the number of articles that told people to put the pack on before the cream.

The steps that the Korean beauty industry and media has taught me is to use the products according to the density of the products and the pack at the very last. The reason is very simple. If you use the dense products first the lighter products have a harder time being absorbed to the skin. Therefore, the product will linger around and build up on the skin as unnecessary oils. The oils mix with sebum and become more sebum thus clogging your pores and becoming our worst nightmare; blackheads and pimples.

The same goes for packs, although it does depend on what pack you use. Packs make sure that the moisture and nutrients are being fully absorbed by being on the for a very long period of time without any moisture vaporizing. It packs and locks the moisture in your skin. So if you are following those steps on the internet and intend on following the steps, make sure your pack is a thin, light, water based pack. Otherwise use the pack at the very last, I use the pack when I am in bed waiting to fall asleep, using my phone and take it off when I feel drowsy.

  • Beware of the pack

What I really wanted to warn Safiya so much about was the pack. Koreans do use the sheet pack A LOT, especially after the 1 day 1 pack thing happened. But there is a trick to it.

Unless it is the really thin, light, water based mask sheet pack, you don’t use it everyday. Other packs such as emulsion based packs and gel type mask packs should be used 2~3 days apart. If these packs are used daily the oils in the packs will build up and block the pores.

In the video, the package did not include a pack for each day, so I am sure the sellers knew that. But I really think the information Safiya was reading didn’t include what types of packs you should be using for the routine. Hence she used her Eve pack machine. I am not sure how the machine works and how the pack functions, but it is kinda gel type… So if it was me I wouldn’t have used it everyday.

If you are really into those mask packs and want to put them in your daily routine, I recommend you either get the thin water essence based packs or with other packs put them once or twice a week. If not just skip the step, do it when your skin feels a little drier than usual.

Also another thing about packs, only put them on as they instruct you to. Maybe 5~10 minutes more is okay sometimes, but putting the pack on all night unless it is a sleeping pack is a definite no. It is important to let your skin breathe.


So that is all the tips for you guys out there. Once again, I do not hate Safiya and I am not criticizing her in anyway on how she did the routine challenge. I just really wanted to get my thoughts and tips out there so I can help anyone who is thinking of trying the Korean 10 step skin care routine.

If you have any questions about the routine, feel free to leave me a comment below and I will try to get back to you as fast a I can. 다음에 또 봐요 everyone, and stay tuned for my next post.

Base Products that I use (March 2017)

So I finally got around to taking photos for this post, editing them and uploading. I did set up a resolution to post at least once a week. But I really have a lot of stuff going on right now, I can’t even keep up with my Korean blog right now.

Anyways, on this post I wanted to share some of the products I actually use on my darker than No. 23 skin. As some of you may know, the darkest color the Korean beauty industry will ever make is No. 23. And the color and brightness of No. 23 varies on the line, the brand and the company that makes it. So as a result, the No. 23 may not even be that much darker than the brighter colors in the line.

As a girl with skin darker than No. 23 and don’t want to look ‘bright’ as the Korean beauty standard but use base products to have more natural and healthier looking skin, I have gone through many road shop base makeup products and have settled for a few products. I wanted to share them with those who are doing the same to help find the K-beauty base product that they can settle for. (Before I start my pantone color is 1R07, just so you can reference it… If you can!)



The products below are the products that I am using right now. I have taken out my color correcting products from the post, just so people can see the darkness of my products better on my skin. I used to normally use a concealer and BB cream(or foundation) before I step out and use a cushion to fix up my makeup outside. But ever since I found a contouring stick I like, I have started to do a little bit of contouring as well. The products I mainly use do change through out the year though, since Korea has very distinct weather for each season. And I am also up for a more natural looking product, so the products may change. If so, I will post again.

So let’s dive into the products!



My concealer is the “Concealer Dual Veil” from The Face Shop in the color N203 Natural Beige. I use concealer to cover my dark circles, and I prefer using a stick concealer to do so. So for this product I only use the stick part although the product has a liquid concealer on the other end. I have used the liquid part to cover the blemishes from my acne, but it just made it worse. So I gave up on it and stopped using the liquid concealer overall.


But I used it this time on my dark circles to show the color and how dark the concealer is. The left part on the picture above is the liquid concealer and the 4right is the stick. The picture below is how both turn up when I spread it out with a beauty blender.

The stick concealer as I feel is the one of the darkest concealer colors that I can find in Korea. Most concealer products in Korea also lack in shades as well. Most product lines only have two tones No. 1 and No. 2. There have been darker concealer colors recently, but they have been made to be used for contouring.

I actually just started using this product last summer. I used to use Innisfree’s “Mineral Stick Concealer” in No. 3, but they got rid of that so I tried out a few products. At first, I tried using The Saem’s “Cover Perfection Tip Concealer” in contour beige. (Yes, I was so desperate I used a ‘contour’ color as a concealer). But my skin felt very irritated. So I started using this one, which was just perfect. The substances used in the product are very subtle so it doesn’t irritate my skin. It also is a very natural No. 24 color, which is exactly what I am looking for. 

I use concealer to cover my dark circles before I do my whole face, so I look for a product that just blends normally with my skin while covering my dark circles just a bit. I don’t look to covering my dark circles perfectly, I just want to look a bit less tired than when I don’t wear makeup and this product just does that perfectly.



So after I cover my dark circle, I do my whole face. Right now, I use “Precious Mineral BB Cream Cotton Fit” from Etude House in No. 24 Honey Beige. Unfortunately for me, Etude House stopped making the line and changed it. So I will be looking for a new product to use soon. But I really love this product to much, I am willing to use it do the last drop.


The product is a bit yellow for my skin but in the raw eye it seems a bit darker than my cheeks. However when I blend it out, it evens out the different tones of my face together. My cheeks are at least a tone brighter than the rest of my face. So the BB cream evens out my skin tone and brightens my skin a little, which I really like. It also looks similar to my neck than any other products that I have used, although it is still a bit bright. But that can easily be overcome by the power of contouring.

Another reason why I love this product is because of the texture. I don’t know exactly what skin type I am. But my face does seem to get oily through out the day, so I do prefer a base that is less oily or creamy. Because my skin feels very heavy if I use an oily one. But since the texture of this BB cream is a ‘cotton fit’, it feels very light and not as oily. I also use different texture sponges through out the year depending on the weather. If the weather is dry, I use a wet beauty blender. So the sponge doesn’t soak as much oil when I apply the BB cream on my face. On the other hand, if the weather is humid, I use a sponge, which soaks up the oil in the BB cream and leaves a more matte finish.

But it is so sad to see this product gone off the shelves, so off I go again to find a base product that fits me.


8Another product I use as a base is the “Oil Control Water Cushion” from The Face Shop in the color V203 Natural Beige. I am currently using a refill in a case from another The Face Shop product. I use cushions mostly to fix my base makeup outside. I also sometimes use it, if I need to put make up on but I can’t bring my BB cream with me.


The color is again pretty yellow, but the color acts like a brighter I guess. But unlike my BB cream it is definitely is brighter than my skin tone. But the thing about cushions is that they are all pretty bright, at most times they are way brighter than this one. So I feel that this product does fit me the best out of all the cushion products that I have tried. Other products tend to make me gray or a clown.

I also like the texture of the product as well. But it does tend to be a bit thick on my skin when I apply it with a cushion sponge, so in the more humid days I use a thin regular sponge which holds in the oil more than the cushion sponge and is a bit more cheaper. It also applies the cushion much lighter than when I use a cushion sponge as well. This cushion is also one of the less oilierproduct on the market that I have tried out. So I think I will stick to it unless there is another cushion that I tend to like.


11 The last product I have on my list is the stick I use for contouring, although I am not good at it. I use the “Play 101 Stick” No. 18 Deep Brown Shading from Etude House. I actually didn’t contour until I started to use this. I did a long time ago with a powder pressed product, but I couldn’t feel a big difference since I felt that the colors were very subtle and they didn’t really show. So I just gave up. I was also found it a hassle as well.

Then Etude House launched this product after their Play 101 Stick line was a success and I got is at a good price with a coupon. I really liked how the stick was very convenient to use.


All I need to do is to apply the product in the area that I want and then blend it out with the blender or sponge that I am using. The color is also pretty dark, but isn’t too visible when I blend it out. It also isn’t very red as most dark contour products in Korea tend to be. But it is a tiny bit gray. But not too much. It is also very easy to blend out with the BB cream that I use. So I am really liking this product and look forward to buying another one.

I haven’t seen a contour product yet that is darker than this product. But I am keeping my eye out for one.


So there are the base products that I use for now. I plan to write another post like this if the products I use change in some ways. I hope this post might help people who are looking for products that suit skin tones darker than the Korean No. 23.

Getting My Pantone Number @ VDL Dongdaemun

I really swore to myself that I would start my little blog with information that will help those who are starting to learn about Korean beauty products at the start of year as a New Years resolution. But yet… I really thought for a few days about what post to start the blog with… then it just all slipped my mind.

But then all of a sudden I got the grasp of what I wanted to write about: my skin tone. The whole reason why I wanted to start my blog in the first place was because I wanted to help those with skin tones darker than the Korean No. 23 and an interest in Korean Beauty. The whole thing starts with a friend I met last semester but that is another story for another day.

So back to my skin tone. For me I have never been a ‘bright’ girl. My dad has dark skin and being his daughter I also have a dark skin tone too. Luckily, I am not as dark as him, just slightly darker than the average Korean No. 23. Well, at least in my head anyways. I also felt that I had a darker skin tone than my friends who use No. 23, because I had a slightly darker tone than them whenever I went to the bathroom with them when we hangout. So in my head I thought of my skin tone as No. 24 or 25.

However, I wasn’t always sure. It just all depended on how the companies made their foundation or BB cream products and label them. So sometimes the No. 23 would be very, very light, so light that I would never be able to use it unless I wanted to look like a clown. Then sometimes it would be okay, I could work with it. But I am in an Asian country where a bit bright is okay. So I still do feel the product is light for me.

So one day, I wanted stop to it. I just really wanted to know what my skin tone was, based on a standard. I thought about a few options. At first I thought about going to MAC and ask them for a recommendation on a color. But I am in Korea and MAC here don’t have a wide range of tones they usually have in other countries. So I gave up with that idea. I was still a student then, so it would be too expensive to get my skin tone distinguished by a professional. Then while I was looking on the internet for a lipstick for a present, I found my answer. The Korean brand VDL had a service called ‘colorintel’.

Colorintel is a service that identifies the pantone number of your skin tone. As I know, it is the same as Sephora’s ‘color IQ’. The colorintel uses a machine that scans the color of your skin and gives you a pantone number. So at VDL, you can get the service by becoming a member of their brand but you can only get them by visiting limited stores, so calling the stores and checking if you can get the service will be required. Because I don’t really go to VDL, I checked if I had a membership which I had for some reason. Then I checked out the VDL stores that had a ‘colorintel’ machine on their homepage. Conveniently, there was one in Dongdaemun, where I was planning to meet a friend to hang out.

So, my friend and I went to VDL. First, I bought a lipstick for a present because I felt I shouldn’t just get the service, even though it is free. Then I just asked about the colorintel, because I actually forgot to make an appointment and I was thinking of making one just then. Luckily for me, the worker there was really nice and there was practically no one there in the store. So she made an exception and gave me the service, since no one was there getting the service anyways.

At first, they asked me if I had any makeup on, since they needed to wipe off anything that I had on my face for a precise measurement of my skin. I only had sunscreen on my face, so I told them that. Then, they wiped a bit of my chin, the center of my forehead and a cheek. As the worker explained, the machine measures the three points on my skin and gives the average of the three points as my pantone color.


So my pantone color was the number 1R07. To my surprise, I wasn’t as dark than I thought I was. Maybe I was a bit darker, but I wasn’t that dark. I could use a No. 23 product but the problem was the way I was perceiving how I looked in the tone. The worker also told me that there were some customers who used a No. 21 with the same skin color as me. So for me, I prefer to have a more natural look than the bright skin tone look that most Koreans look for.

What I was also suprised about was that I was a ‘neutral tone’. I thought I was a classic, basic warm tone, since warmer tones did suit me more and a cool never really suit me before. But come to think of it, when it comes to clothes, I look better in cool toned clothes than warm toned clothes. So I guess that I could say that I am a neutral warm tone. It was also easier to understand that I was a neutral tone, since my friend got 1Y07 for her skin tone. She also has a darker skin tone and we both had the same feelings for the base products we tested together, but we had different preferences for lipsticks and eye shadows. So we both understood why that happened.


So there it is, my skin tone. Out of all the skin tones in the world, it still is on the lighter side. But as I have searched several blogs, no Korean has 1R07 or 1Y08, so I believe that I still have darker skin for a Korean. So I still do struggle with finding a good BB cream or foundation that I like here. I still have eye shadows that I can’t see on my eyes unless I really pack it on. And I still use the No. 13 or 21 foundation samples I get instead of using a highlighter.

I just really wanted to know how my skin tone really is before I really started to blog about Korean beauty, because it does play an important role in makeup. And hopefully it will help the readers of my blog compare their skin tones with mine and get a picture of how products will look on their skin.

So I hope I can post pretty soon and keep up with the one post per week blog resolution I started.